We serve individuals, families, and business owners by listening to their stories, collaborating with our team to plan individualized financial solutions, then managing those assets with attention and enthusiasm.

Our Plans

We build financial plans that act as the guidebook, or roadmap, to building wealth and protecting it. We have a vast array of services that support the plan we create for you, which we review and update as life presents challenges and opportunities.

We don’t charge a fee for a Financial Plan. We enjoy the process, and it gives clients a chance to get to know the team and feel confident that First Financial is a good fit.

At Our Core

Core principles are permanent and unchanging. Ours have been in place since founder Tom Sanders started our company over three decades ago in the 1990s, and they define us still today. They guide our decisions and actions and set us apart from others.

at our core


We come to the table ready. Ready to listen. Ready to plan. Ready to put the plan in action. We are the team you can count on, combining experience and dedication to help build your wealth.


We are hardworking and take pride in what we do. Not all decisions are easy, and each client is different. We guide you through the process, making recommendations that we think are best for you.


We put you first. We consider ourselves partners, helping you grow wealth while planning for the opportunities and the unexpected life presents. We listen and we care.

Our Process

Understanding financial planning can be confusing. We take the complicated and make it simple, working through a process that is easy and understandable. We build our process around a financial plan that involves:


We meet regularly – at first to assess where you are from a financial standpoint and to determine your needs, goals and priorities – and later to monitor and adjust as necessary.


Our experienced team identifies the approach and strategy, and products and financial tools that will best get you to where you need to be.


We provide you with a no-cost, comprehensive, written guidebook tailored to you for growing and protecting your wealth.


We review what we think the best strategies are for you to obtain your financial goals and tailor the plan as necessary.


We monitor your plan and accounts and make changes as your life, needs or priorities evolve. We’re here – working with you side-by-side – as those successes and challenges unfold.